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Below is a list of general questions you may need to address. If you have a website emergency, please call: 678-694-7232. Or use the form below to email Us.

Why doesn't my website URL show up on my listing?
Beach Condo Girl is now doing in depth research on search engine rankings and have mixed results on outside linking. Some website owners post listings just to get (PR) page rankings from Beach Condo Girl. We may consider allowing paid listings only to link to their personal website in the future with a return link on their "home" page back to the Beach Condo Girl website. If you have a personal website and would like to exchange links with Beach Condo Girl on your front homepage please contact us and that may be arranged.

How can I get my listing to show up in the search engines higher?
There are several ways to make your listing get better rankings in the search engine, one of the most important is your title, Select a good title for your listing that includes the property resort or neighborhood, when searched for in the search engines your listing will rank high in the desired results. Below are examples of good and bad titles.

Bad Title Example:
My dream home on the hill

The reason this title is bad is because no one will probably ever type "My Dream Home On The Hill" in the search engines to find a vacation rental. The results will be No One Will Find Your Listing resulting in NO RENTALS or contacts.

Good Title Example
Summit Condos Panama City

The reason this title is good is if someone types in the search box "Summit Condos Panama City" or "Summit Condos " your listing should show up pretty high in the search engines, resulting in many hits and contacts. Here is a real time example of that key phrase on Summit Condos Panama City. Also you may want to include your desired key phrase in the description, amenities, and activities sections.

Does Beach Condo Girl offer featured listings?
Yes Beach Condo Girl offers features listings in several levels, Country, City and State and Search Results. In the Results level, or last level there are only 10 listing shown on the first page, you may purchase a "first page" result for 49.00 per month. The results on the first page is determined by timeline, who purchases first will be first and so on. If an owner drops off the featured list, the 2nd owner will then move up to first and so on. On the Country or State level Beach Condo Girl will only post ONE featured listing, that listing will be on a yearly basis and the cost is 500.00 per year. On the City level there are 5 featured listings available on the left "sidebar" with photos and a short description and link directly to your listing. The City level featured listing is 50.00 per month and is on a first come first serve basis. If you would like a featured listing please call 678-694-7232 or use the contact form below. If you would like a link, or feature your property on any other page thats not mentioned here please contact us.

How can I get more bookings?
Beach Condo Girl offers a great referral service with no commitment, no upfront cost if Beach Condo Girl books your rental.

How can I pay for my listing?
There are several ways you may purchase your one year subscription with Beach Condo Girl, we accept PayPal, Credit Cards and Check cards by phone at 678-694-7232 or you may mail a check or money order within 7 days to Beach Condo Girl. Be sure to mention your ID# and email address.

Can I have more than one listing for the same property?
You may have as many listings as you like in the same control panel, with the same account as long as you purchase each listing at 49.00.

I cant upload my photos, what should I do?
If you are having problmes with your photos Beach Condo Girl will be glad to help, free of charge, we offer resize, upload and many other services for your photos, please use the form below to contact us, include your listing ID#.

What if my State, or City isn't listed in your directory?
Start the create a new listing procedure, when you get to the select a "city" location click on the link that says If your city isn't listed here please enter the city or location here and we will create the city for you shortly.

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